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  Abraham Lincoln (by James Russell Lowell)

  A Cathedral Courtship (by Kate Douglas Wiggin)

  A Child\’s Garden of Verses(by Robert L. Stevenson)

  A Child\’s History of England (by Charles Dickens)

  A Christmas Carol (by Charles Dickens)

  A Collection of Ballads (by Andrew Lang)

  A Collection of Beatrix Potter Stories

   (by Beatrix Potter)

  A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur\’s Court

   (by Mark Twain)

  Acres of Diamonds (by Russell H. Conwell)

  Across the Plains (by Robert L. Stevenson)

  Adam Bede (by George Eliot)

  A Dream of John Ball and A King\’s Lesson

   (by William Morris)

  Adventure (by Jack London)

  A Footnote to History (by Robert L. Stevenson)

  A Girl of the Limberlost (by Gene Stratton-Porter)

  Agnes Grey(by Anne Bronte)

  A Horse\’s Tale (by Mark Twain)

  A House of Pomegranates (by Oscar Wilde)

  A Legend of Montrose (by Walter Scott)

  Alexander\’s Bridge (by Willa Cather)

  Alice Adams (by Booth Tarkington)

  Alice\’s Adventures in Wonderland (by Lewis Carrol)

  A Little Princess (by Frances Hodgson Burnett)

  Allan Quatermain (by Henry Rider Haggard)

  All\’s Well That Ends Well (by William Shakespeare)

  Almayer\’s Folly (by Joseph Conrad)

  A Lover\’s Complaint (by William Shakespeare)

  American Notes (by Rudyard Kipling)

  American Notes (by Charles Dickens)

  America,Through the Spectacles of an Oriental Diplomat

   (by TingFang Wu)

  A Message from the Sea (by Charles Dickens)

  A Midsummer Night\’s Dream (by William Shakespeare)

  A Modest Proposal (by Jonathan Swift)

  Amy Foster (by Joseph Conrad)

  An Essay on comedy (by George Meredith)

  An Ideal Husband (by Oscar Wilde)

  An Inland Voyage (by Robert L. Stevenson)

  An International Episode (by Henry James)

  Anne of Avonlea (by L. Maud Montgomery)

  Anne of Green Gables (by L. Maud Montgomery)

  Anne of the Island (by L. Maud Montgomery)

  Anne\’s House of Dreams (by L. Maud Montgomery)

  Ann Veronica (by H. G. Wells)

  An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge (by Ambrose Bierce)

  An Outcast of the Island (by Joseph Conrad)

  Antony and Cleopatra (by William Shakespeare)

  A Pair of Blue Eyes (by Thomas Hardy)

  A Personal Record (by Joseph Conrad)

  A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

   (by James Joyce)

  Arizona Nights (by Stewart Edward White)

  A Rogue\’s Life (by Wilkie Collins)

  A Reading of Life and Other Poems

   (by George Meredith)

  A Sentimental Journey (by Laurence Sterne)

  A Straight Deal (by Owen Wister)

  A Study in Scarlet (by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

  As You Like It (by William Shakespeare)

  A Tale of Two Cities (by Charles Dickens)

  A Tramp Abroad (by Mark Twain)

  At the Back of the North Wind (by George MacDonald)

  At the Foot of the Rainbow (by Gene Stratton-Porter)

  Aucassin and Nicolete (by Andrew Lang)

  Autobiography (by Thomas Jefferson)

  A Woman of No Importance (by Oscar Wilde)

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  Ballads (by Robert L. Stevenson)

  Ballads Lyrics and Poems of Old France (by Andrew Lang)

  Barnaby Rudge, 80\’s Riots (by Charles Dickens)

  Beasts and Super-Beast (by H. H. Munro (Saki))

  Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare (by E. Nesbit)

  Beauty and the Beast (by Bayard Taylor)

  Before Adam (by Jack London)

  Benito Cereno (by Herman Melville)

  Betty Zane (by Zane Grey )

  Billy Budd (by Herman Melville)

  Black Beauty (by Anna Sewell)

  Bleak House (by Charles Dickens)

  Blix (by Frank Norris)

  Book of Pirates (by Howard Pyle)

  Boyhood in Norway (by Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen)

  Bride of Lammermoor (by Walter Scott)

  Bunner Sisters (by Edith Wharton)

  Burning Daylight (by Jack London)

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  Captain Stormfield\’s Visit to Heaven (by Mark Twain)

  Catriona (Kidnapped2) (by Robert L. Stevenson)

  Chance (by Joseph Conrad)

  Charlotte Temple (by Susanna Rowson)

  Charmides and Other Poems (by Oscar Wilde)

  Chimes (by Charles Dickens)

  Chita: A Memory of Last Island (by Lafcadio Hearn)

  Civil Disobedience (by Henry D. Thoreau)

  Clocks (by Jerome K. Jerome)

  Common Sense (by Thomas Paine)

  Coriolanus (by William Shakespeare)

  Court Life in China (by Issac Taylor Headland)

  Cousin Phillis (by Elizabeth C. Gaskell)

  Cranford (by Elizabeth C. Gaskell)

  Cymbeline (by William Shakespeare)

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  Daisy Miller (by Henry James)

  Danny\’s Own Story (by Don Marquis)

  David Copperfield (by Charles Dickens)

  Death of the Lion (by Henry James)

  Diary of a Nobody

   (by George Grossmith and Weedon Grossmith)

  Doctor Marigold (by Charles Dickens)

  Domby and Son (by Charles Dickens)

  Don Juan (by George Byron)

  Dracula (by Bram Stoker)

  Dramatic Lyrics (by Robert Browning)

  Dreams (by Oliver Schreiner)

  Dreams (by Jerome K. Jerome)

  Dreams Dust (by Don Marquis)

  Dream Days (by Kenneth Grahame)

  Dream Life and Real Life (by Oliver Schreiner)

  Dr. Faustus (by Christopher Marlowe)

  Driven From Home (by Horatio Alger)

  Dubliners (by James Joyce)

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  Emma (by Jane Austen)

  End of the Tether (by Joseph Conrad)

  English Traits (by Ralph W. Emerson)

  Essays (by Francis Bacon )

  Essays (by Ralph W. Emerson)

  Essays and Lectures (by Oscar Wilde)

  Essays of Travel (by Robert L. Stevenson)

  Evergreens (by Jerome K. Jerome)

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  Fables (by Robert L. Stevenson)

  Familiar Studies of Men Books

   (by Robert L. Stevenson)

  Fantastic Fables(by Ambrose Bierce)

  Far from the Madding Crowd (by Thomas Hardy)

  50 Bab Ballads (by William S. Gilbert)

  Five Children and It (by E. Nesbit)

  Flame and Shadow (by Sara Teasdale)

  Flatland (by Edwin A. Abbott)

  Flower Fables(by Louise May Alcott)

  Four Poems (by John Milton)

  Frankenstein (by Mary W. Shelly)

  Freckles (by Gene Stratton-Porter)

  Frivolous Cupid (by Anthony Hope)

  From This World to the Next (by Henry Fielding)

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  General Booth, Other Poems (by Vachel Lindsay)

  George Silverman\’s Explanation (by Charles Dickens)

  Glasses (by Henry James)

  God the Invisible King (by H. G. Wells)

  Going into Society (by Charles Dickens)

  Good Wives (by Louise May Alcott)

  Grace Abounding to Chief of Sinners(by John Bunyan)

  Grass of Parnassus (by Andrew Lang)

  Great Expectations (by Charles Dickens)

  Green Mansions (by W. H. Hudson)

  Greenmantle (by John Buchan)

  Gulliver of Mars (by Edwin L. Arnold)

  Gulliver\’s Travels (by Jonathan Swift)

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  Hamlet (by William Shakespeare)

  Hard Times (by Charles Dickens)

  Heart of Darkness (by Joseph Conrad)

  Helen of Troy And Other Poems

   (by Sara Teasdale)

  Heretics (by G. K. Chesterton)

  Hermione and Her Little Group of Serious Thinkers

   (by Don Marquis)

  Heroes and Hero Worship (by Thomas Carlyle)

  History of the Conquest of Peru

   (by William Hickling Prescott)

  Holiday Romance (by Charles Dickens)

  House of Mirth (by Edith Wharton)

  Hunting Sketches (by Antony Trollope)

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  Idle Thoughts of An Idle Fellow (by Jerome K. Jerome)

  Idylls of the King (by Alfred Tennyson)

  In a German Pension (by Katherine Mansfield)

  Indian Boyhood (by Charles Eastman)

  Indian Heroes Great Chieftains (by Charles Eastman)

  Intentions (by Oscar Wilde)

  In the Bishop\’s Carriage (by Marrian Michelson)

  In the Cage (by Henry James)

  In the Days When the World Was Wide (by Henry Lawson)

  In the South Seas (by Robert L. Stevenson)

  Ivanhoe (by Walter Scott)

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  Jane Eyre (by Charlotte Bronte)

  Jean of the Lazy A (by B. M. Bower)

  Jerry of the Islands (by Jack London)

  Joe the Hotel Boy (by Horatio Alger)

  Joe Wilson and His Mates (by Henry Lawson)

  John Barleycorn (by Jack London)

  Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon (by Henry Fielding)

  Jude the Obscure (by Thomas Hardy)

  Julius Caesar (by William Shakespeare)

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  Kai Lung\’s Golden Hours (by Ernest Bramah)

  Kidnapped (by Robert L. Stevenson)

  Kim (by Rudyard Kipling)

  King Henry the Eighth (by William Shakespeare)

  King Henry the Fourth(Part 1) (by William Shakespeare)

  King Henry the Fourth(Part2) (by William Shakespeare)

  King Henry the Fifth (by William Shakespeare)

  King Henry the Sixth(Part1) (by William Shakespeare)

  King Henry the Sixth(Part2) (by William Shakespeare)

  King Henry the Sixth(Part3) (by William Shakespeare)

  King John (by William Shakespeare)

  King Lear (by William Shakespeare)

  King Richard II (by William Shakespeare)

  King Richard III (by William Shakespeare)

  King Solomon\’s Mines (by Henry Rider Haggard)

  Kwaidan (by Lafcadio Hearn)

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  Laddie (by Gene Stratton-Porter)

  Lady Baltimore (by Owen Wister)

  Lady Chatterlay\’s Lover (by D. H. Lawrence)

  Lady Susan (by Jane Austen)

  Lady Windermere\’s Fan (by Oscar Wilde)

  Lays of Ancient Rome (by Thomas Babbington Macaulay)

  Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices (by Charles Dickens)

  Leaves from Australian Forests (by Henry Kendall)

  Leaves of Grass (by Walt Whitman)

  Le Mort d\’Arthur (by Thomas Malory)

  Letters (by Thomas Jefferson)

  Letters on Literature (by Andrew Lang)

  Letters to Dead Authors (by Andrew Lang)

  Life and Letters of Robert Browning

   (by Mrs. Sutherland Orr)

  Life in the Iron-Mills (by Rebecca Harding Davis)

  Life of Johnson (by James Boswell)

  Life of John Sterling (by Thomas Carlyle)

  Life of Thomas Telford (by Samuel Smiles)

  Life on the Mississippi (by Mark Twain)

  Lin Mclean (by Owen Wister)

  Little Dorrit (by Charles Dickens)

  Little Lord Fauntleroy (by Frances Hodgson Burnett)

  Little Women (by Louise May Alcott)

  Looking Backward, 2000 to 1887 (by Edward Bellamy)

  Lord Arthur Savile\’s Crime and Other Stories

   (by Oscar Wilde)

  Lord Jim (by Joseph Conrad)

  Lorna Doone (by R. D. Blackmore)

  Love and Friendship (by Jane Austen)

  Love For Love (by William Congreve)

  Love of Life and Other Stories (by Jack London)

  Love\’s Labour\’s Lost (by William Shakespeare)

  Love Songs (by Sara Teasdale)

  Lucasta (by Richard Lovelace)

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  Macbeth (by William Shakespeare)

  Maggie- A Girl of the Streets (by Stephen Crane)

  Maid Marian (by Thomas Love Peacock)

  Main Street and Other Poems (by Joyce Kilmer)

  Man and Wife (by Wilkie Collins)

  Mark Twain\’s Speeches (by Mark Twain)

  Mansfield Park (by Jane Austen)

  Maria, or The Wrongs of Women

   (by Mary Wollstonecraft)

  Martin Chuzzlewit (by Charles Dickens)

  Martin Eden (by Jack London)

  Mary Barton (by Elizabeth C. Gaskell)

  Massacre at Paris (by Christopher Marlowe)

  McTeague (by Frank Norris)

  Measure for Measure (by William Shakespeare)

  Memories and Portraits (by Robert L. Stevenson)

  Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

  Men of Invention and Industry (by Samuel Smiles)

  Middlemarch (by George Eliot)

  Miscellaneous Papers (by Charles Dickens)

  Miss Billie\’s Decision (by Eleanor H. Porter)

  Miss Billie Married (by Eleanor H. Porter)

  Missionary Travels in South Africa (by David Livingstone)

  Moby Dick (by Herman Melville)

  Moll Flanders (by Daniel Defoe)

  Moon-Face and Other Stories (by Jack London)

  Moral Emblems (by Robert L. Stevenson)

  Moran of the Lady Letty (by Frank Norris)

  More Bab Ballads (by William S. Gilbert)

  Mosses from an Old Manse (by Nathaniel Hawthorne)

  Mother (by Owen Wister)

  Mrs. Korner Sins Her Mercies (by Jerome K. Jerome)

  Mrs. Lirriper\’s Lodgings (by Charles Dickens)

  Mrs. Lirriper\’s Legacy (by Charles Dickens)

  Mr. Standfast (by John Buchan)

  Much Ado About Nothing (by William Shakespeare)

  Mugby Junction (by Charles Dickens)

  My Antonia (by Willa Cather)

  My Bondage and My Freedom (by Frederic Douglass)

  Myths and Legends of the Sioux

   (by Marie L. McLaughlin)

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  Nada the Lily (by Henry Rider Haggard)

  New Arabian Nights (by Robert L. Stevenson)

  New Chronicles of Rebecca (by Kate Douglas Wiggin)

  New Poems (by Robert L. Stevenson)

  New Poems (by Francis Thompson)

  News from Nowhere (by William Morris)

  Nicholas Nickleby (by Charles Dickens)

  Night and Day (by Virginia Woolf)

  No Name (by Wilkie Collins)

  North and South (by Elizabeth C. Gaskell)

  Northanger Abbey(by Jane Austen)

  Nostromo (by Joseph Conrad)

  Notes on Life and Letter (by Joseph Conrad)

  No Thoroughfare (by Charles Dickens)

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  Old Indian Days (by Charles Eastman)

  Oliver Twist (by Charles Dickens)

  On the Track (by Henry Lawson)

  O Pioneers! (by Willa Cather)

  Options (by O. Henry)

  Orthodoxy (by G. K. Chesterton)

  Othello, Moor of Venice (by William Shakespeare)

  Our Mutual Friend (by Charles Dickens)

  Over the Sliprails (by Henry Lawson)

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  Paradise Lost (by John Milton)

  Paradise Regained (by John Milton)

  Passing of the Third Floor Back (by Jerome K. Jerome)

  Paul Kelver (by Jerome K. Jerome)

  Paul the Peddler(by Horatio Alger)

  Penelope\’s English Experiences (by Kate Douglas Wiggin)

  Penelope\’s Experiences in Scotland

   (by Kate Douglas Wiggin)

  Penelope\’s Irish Experiences (by Kate Douglas Wiggin)

  Penguin Island ( by Anatole France )

  Penrod (by Booth Tarkington)

  Pericles, Prince of Tyre (by William Shakespeare)

  Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant

   (by Ulysses Simpson Grant)

  Persuasion (by Jane Austen)

  Peter Pan in Kensington Garden (by J. M. Barrie)

  Phantasmagoria and Other Poems (by Lewis Carrol)

  Phil,the Fiddler (by Horatio Alger)

  Pictures from Italy (by Charles Dickens)

  Poems (by Frances E. W. Harper)

  Poems (by Alan Seeger)

  Poems (by Francis Thompson)

  Poems (by Oscar Wilde)

  Poems (Volume1) (by George Meredith)

  Poems (Volume2) (by George Meredith)

  Poems (Volume3) (by George Meredith)

  Poems and Songs (by Henry Kendall)

  Poems and Songs of Robert Burns (by Robert Burns)

  Poems of John Keats (by John Keats)

  Poems of Rupert Brooke (by Rupert C. Brooke)

  Poems of William Blake (by William Blake)

  Poems of William B. Yeats (by William B. Yeats)

  Pollyanna (by Eleanor H. Porter)

  Poor and Proud (by Oliver Optic)

  Poor Richard\’s Almanack (1733-1758)

   (by Benjamin Franklin)

  Prester John(by John Buchan)

  Pride and Prejudice (by Jane Austen)

  Prince Otto (by Robert L. Stevenson)

  Puck of Pook\’s Hill (by Rudyard Kipling)

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  Queen Victoria (by Lytton Strachey)

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  Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia (by Samuel Johnson)

  Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (by Kate Douglas Wiggin)

  Records of a Family of Engineers (by Robert L. Stevenson)

  Reprinted Pieces(by Charles Dickens)

  Rewards and Fairies (by Rudyard Kipling)

  R. F. Murray : His Poems with a Memoir (by Andrew Lang)

  Riders of the Purple Sage (by Zane Grey )

  Riders to the Sea (by J. M. Synge)

  Rio Grande\’s Last Race and Other Verses

   (by Andrew Barton Paterson)

  Rivers to the Sea (by Sara Teasdale)

  Robert Louis Stevenson (by Walter Raleigh)

  Robert Louis Stevenson, A Record, An Estimate, A Memorial

   (by Alexander H. Japp)

  Robinson Crusoe-1 (by Daniel Defoe)

  Robinson Crusoe-2 (by Daniel Defoe)

  Rob Roy (by Walter Scott)

  Roderick Hudson (by Henry James)

  Rolf in the Woods (by Ernest Thompson Seton)

  Romeo and Juliet (by William Shakespeare)

  Running A Thousand Miles for Freedom

   (by William and Ellen Craft)

  Russia (by Donald Mackenzie Wallace)

  Ruth (by Elizabeth C. Gaskell)

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  Sara Crewe (by Frances Hodgson Burnett)

  Self Help (by Samuel Smiles)

  Sesame And Lilies (by John Ruskin)

  Select Poems of Sidney Lanier (by Sidney Lanier)

  Selected Stories (by Bret Harte)

  Sense and Sensibility (by Jane Austen)

  She Stoops to Conquer (by Oliver Goldsmith)

  Silas Marner (by George Eliot)

  Sister Carrie (by Theodore Dreiser)

  Sketches by Boz (by Charles Dickens)

  Skethches of Young Couples (by Charles Dickens)

  Sketches of Young Gentlemen (by Charles Dickens)

  Smoke Bellew (by Jack London)

  Somebody\’s Luggage (by Charles Dickens)

  Some Reminiscences (by Joseph Conrad)

  Sons and Lovers (by D. H. Lawrence)

  Songs from the Mountains (by Henry Kendall)

  Songs of A Savoyard (by William S. Gilbert)

  Songs of Travel (by Robert L. Stevenson)

  Soul of A Bishop (by H. G. Wells)

  South Sea Tales (by Jack London)

  Speeches: Literary Social (by Charles Dickens)

  Stage-Land (by Jerome K. Jerome)

  Steep Trails (by John Muir)

  Summer (by Edith Wharton)

  Susan Lenox: Her Rise and Fall (by David Graham Phillips)

  Sword Blades and Poppy Seed (by Amy Lowell)

  Sylvia and Bruno (by Lewis Carrol)

  Sylvia\’s Lovers (by Elizabeth C. Gaskell)

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  Tales and Fantasies (by Robert L. Stevenson)

  Tales from Shakespeare (by Charles Lamb and Mary Lamb)

  Tales from Two Hemispheres(by Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen)

  Tales of the Fish Patrol (by Jack London)

  Tales of Unrest (by Joseph Conrad)

  Tamburlaine the Great (Part1, Part2)

   (by Christopher Marlowe)

  Tanglewood Tales (by Nathaniel Hawthorne)

  Tess of the D\’Urbervilles (by Thomas Hardy)

  The Adventures of Captain Bonneville

   (by Washington Irving)

  The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

   (by Mark Twain)

  The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

   (by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (by Mark Twain)

  The Age of Innocence (by Edith Wharton)

  The Alhambra (by Washington Irving)

  The Altar of the Dead (by Henry James)

  The Ambassadors (by Henry James)

  The American (by Henry James)

  The Annals of the Parish (by John Galt)

  The Antiquary (by Walter Scott)

  The Arrow of Gold (by Joseph Conrad)

  The Art of Writing (by Robert L. Stevenson)

  The Aspern Papers (by Henry James)

  The Autobiography (by Benjamin Franklin)

  The Autobiography of a Quack (by S. Weir Mitchell)

  The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table

   (by Oliver Wendell Holmes)

  The Awakening Other Short Stories (by Kate Chopin)

  The Ayrshire Legatees (by John Galt)

  The Bab Ballads (by William S. Gilbert)

  The Battle of Life (by Charles Dickens)

  The Battle of the Books and Others (by Jonathan Swift)

  The Beast in the Jungle (by Henry James)

  The Bible in Spain (by George Borrow)

  The Black Arrow (by Robert L. Stevenson)

  The Black Dwarf (by Walter Scott)

  The Black Robe (by Wilkie Collins)

  The Blue Fairy Book (by Andrew Lang)

  The Book of Nonsense (by Edward Lear)

  The Boy Captives (by John Greenleaf Whittier)

  The Burial of the Guns (by Thomas Nelson Page)

  The Call of the Wild (by Jack London)

  The Cash Boy (by Horatio Alger)

  The Castle of Otranto (by Horace Walpole)

  The Children of the Night (by Edwin Arlington Robinson)

  The Chinese Boy and Girl (by Issac Taylor Headland)

  The Colour of Life (by Alice Meynell)

  The Comedy of Errors (by William Shakespeare)

  The Conduct of Life (by Ralph W. Emerson)

  The Conflict (by David Graham Phillips)

  The Congo and Other Poems (by Vachel Lindsay)

  The Conquest of Canaan (by Booth Tarkington)

  The Coral Island (by R. M. Ballantyne)

  The Cost (by David Graham Phillips)

  The Cost of Kindness (by Jerome K. Jerome)

  The Coxon Fund (by Henry James)

  The Country of the Pointed Firs (by Sarah Orne Jewett)

  The Cricket on the Hearth (by Charles Dickens)

  The Damnation of Theron Ware (by Harold Frederic)

  The Dawn of A To-morrow (by Frances Hodgson Burnett)

  The Devil\’s Dictionary (by Ambrose Bierce)

  The Door in the Wall and Other Stories

   (by H. G. Wells)

  The Duchess of Padua (by Oscar Wilde)

  The Dust (by David Graham Phillips)

  The Early Short Fiction of Edith Wharton

   (by Edith Wharton)

   (Part One , Part Two )

  The Errand Boy (by Horatio Alger)

  The Europeans (by Henry James)

  The Faith of Men (by Jack London)

  The Fall of the House of Usher (by Edgar Allan Poe)

  The Federalist Papers

   (by Alexander Hamilton et al. )

  The Fifth String (by John Philip Sousa)

  The Figure in the Carpet (by Henry James)

  The First Man in the Moon (by H. G. Wells)

  The Flirt (by Booth Tarkington)

  The Fortune Hunter (by David Graham Phillips)

  The French Revolution (by Thomas Carlyle)

  The Game (by Jack London)

  The Gaming Table (Volume One, Volume Two)

   (by Andrew Steinmetz)

  The Glimpses of the Moon (by Edith Wharton)

  The Golden Age (by Kenneth Grahame)

  The Golden Bowl (by Henry James)

  The Golden Road (by L. Maud Montgomery)

  The Golden Threshold (by Sarojini Naidu)

  The Great Big Treasury of Beatrix Potter

   (by Beatrix Potter)

  The Great War Syndicate (by Frank Stockton)

  The Happy Prince and Other Tales (by Oscar Wilde)

  The Harvester (by Gene Stratton-Porter)

  The Haunted Hotel (by Wilkie Collins)

  The Haunted Man and the Ghost\’s Bargain

   (by Charles Dickens)

  The Heart of Mid-Lothian (by Walter Scott)

  The Heritage of the Desert (by Zane Grey )

  The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling

   (by Henry Fielding)

  The History of Troilus and Cressida

   (by William Shakespeare)

  The Holly-Tree (by Charles Dickens)

  The Holy War (by John Bunyan)

  The Hound of the Baskervilles (by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

  The House Behind the Cedars (by Charles W. Chesnutt)

  The House of Seven Gables (by Nathaniel Hawthorne)

  The Hunting of the Snark (by Lewis Carrol)

  The Importance of Being Earnest (by Oscar Wilde)

  The Innocence of Father Brown (by G. K. Chesterton)

  The Innocents Abroad (by Mark Twain)

  The Invisible Man (by H. G. Wells)

  The Iron Heel (by Jack London)

  The Island of Doctor Moreau (by H. G. Wells)

  The Jacket (Star-Rover) (by Jack London)

  The Jew of Malta (by Christopher Marlowe)

  The Jolly Corner (by Henry James)

  The Journal of the Plague Year (by Daniel Defoe)

  The Jungle Book (by Rudyard Kipling)

  The Lamplighter (by Charles Dickens)

  The Land of Footprints (by Stewart Edward White)

  The Land of Little Rain (by Mary Hunter Austin)

  The Last Days of Pompeii (by Edward George Bulwer-Lytton)

  The Last of the Mohicans ( by James Fenimore Cooper)

  The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (by Washington Irving)

  The Lesson of the Master (by Henry James)

  The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman

   (by Laurence Sterne)

  The Life of General Francis Marion

   (by M. L. Weems)

  The Life of Horatio Lord Nelson (by Robert Southey)

  The Life of Timon of Athens (by William Shakespeare)

  The Light of Western Stars (by Zane Grey )

  The Little White Bird(by J. M. Barrie)

  The Lone Star Ranger (by Zane Grey )

  The Lost Continent (by C. J. Cutcliffe Hyne)

  The Lost Prince (by Frances Hodgson Burnett)

  The Lost Princess of Oz (by L. Frank Baum)

  The Lost World (by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

  The Love Affairs of A Bibliomaniac

   (by Eugene Field)

  The Love of Ulrich Nebendahl (by Jerome K. Jerome)

  The Magic Egg and Other Stories

   (by Frank Stockton)

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  The Man of Letters as a Man of Business

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  The Octopus- A Story of California

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  The Perils of Certain English Prisoners

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  The Portrait of A Lady (by Henry James)

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  Ulysses (by James Joyce)

  Uncle Tom\’s Cabin (by Harriet B. Stowe)

  Underwoods (by Robert L. Stevenson)

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  Vanity Fair (by William Thackeray)

  Venus and Adonis (by William Shakespeare)

  Verses (by Rudyard Kipling)

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  Walden (by Henry D. Thoreau)

  Walking (by Henry D. Thoreau)

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  When the World Shook (by Henry Rider Haggard)

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  Wieland, or The Transformation (by Charles Brockden Brown)

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  Within The Tides (by Joseph Conrad)

  Wives and Daughters (by Elizabeth C. Gaskell)

  Woman and Labour (by Oliver Schreiner)

  Women in Love (by D. H. Lawrence)

  Wuthering Heights (by Emily Bronte)








李斌的蔚来汽车,本身就是一个互联网品牌 ,更是一个资本运作的产物蔚来财报电话会议。很多人主观的认为李斌是在造汽车,其实,李斌是在做的是互联网流量和资本运作。 不要幼稚的认为,蔚来汽车是靠卖汽车的生产销...



中华民族的伟大复兴的意思是中华文明的伟大复兴,涵盖了经济、政治、思想文化、科学技术等诸多方面,其中包含物质文明、政治文明、精神文明在内的全面复兴杨宜勇民族复兴。 中华民族的伟大复兴包括以下内容: 1、...

年輕光譜.懷舊作浪──看2005年尾三個月的香港電影/ 陳嘉銘()

年輕光譜.懷舊作浪──看2005年尾三個月的香港電影/ 陳嘉銘()

年輕光譜.懷舊作浪──看2005年尾三個月的香港電影/ 陳嘉銘   或者先以《再說一次我愛你》的一段開始──   飾演丈夫的劉德華harvester,被飾演妻子的楊采妮懷疑與人有染,在家爭吵起來;...



行星的形成条件:①不能进行核聚变(氢聚变)的天体,②围绕一颗恒星环绕,且有固定的椭圆轨道,③自身要通过引力使其成为球形超级类地行星。 所有行星都需要绕着自己的恒星运动,否则就被称为独星超级类地行星。行...



2020年,真的是5G手机大年!就目前来看,小米发布了小米10系列,三星发布了三星S20系列,OPPO也发布了OPPO Find X2系列中兴 发布会。而今天,沉寂许久的中兴也发布了自己的5G手机!...



这三个根本就不是一个频道的人武则天简介。 什么叫做“宫斗”?不就是从一大群美女之中脱颖而出武则天简介,然后想方设法接近皇上,拿下并且搞定自己最后登上权利的顶峰吗? 这样的人武则天简介,除了武媚娘还有谁...